Monday, September 17, 2007


10. Play around with an online image generator. Blog about your experience(s)

This is a short slide movie created at to provide a slightly humorous look at my recent trip to New Norcia. I had the pleasure of being able to accompany the library manager, team leader and a few of my fellow work colleagues to New Norcia for the 2007 Library Lecture.

I find to be EXCELLENT in providing short little photo albums to put on a blog or homepage with little fuss. You can add different effects and it always looks good once it's in place.


Maeve said...

I do like the way you've made this look like an old silent movie.

The Cat in the Hat said...

Jen this is fabulous, and I love the music. Now I have to play around on that site!!

Generator Guy said...

Largest collection of image generators on

winelibrarian said...

Great set of slides well done and the choice of music brilliant.

Another torchy singer is Rebecca Pidgeon